'; Assassins Creed Juno

Assassins Creed Juno

At junos prompting minerva then showed desmond the future.

Assassins creed juno. Are juno jupiter and minerva in assassins creed origins spoilers ahead. Minerva explaining the consequences of releasing juno. Brotherhood and assassins creed. Juno is the main antagonist in the assassins creed videogame series.

She is one of the surviving members of the first civilization also known as those who came before and serves as a member of the capitoline triad along with minerva and jupiter. In 2012 through the synch nexus jupiter spoke with at least one descendant of both isu and humans desmond miles. Assassins creed origins does a lot of things differently but it doesnt forget the lore laid down by all the. Juno was not actually named during assassins creed.

Rather junos name was revealed by nadia verrucci on her website. She first appears briefly in assassins creed. Buy assassins creed. Revelations and the bigger bad in both factions.

Assassins creed 3 ends with desmond giving his life to save the world but consequently releasing juno at the same time. If desmond allowed the sun to destroy the earth the ground would crack and spit fire into the sky but he and his assassin team would emerge from the vault unscathed resolving to lay a foundation that such a tragedy would not befall the world again. Fate of atlantis dlc ending episode 3 judgement of atlantis poseidon faces juno and her husband while kassandra deals with the final boss. Alongside minerva and juno he took charge of the gathering and testing of information within the grand temple in order to circumvent the great catastrophe.

He did this with faith in the assassins that they could stop her dastardly.