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Assassins Creed Civil War

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Assassins creed civil war. Fps titles avoid it because the guns wouldnt be fun to shoot traditionally speaking. Large part of the game is set around virginiamaryland. A game set in the era of samurai and shoguns when the famous japanese ninjas existence coincided with. The third part of the action about the assassin desmond miles takes place during the american civil war.

The war began when the southern states elected to secede from the rest of the country in 1861 to form the confederate states of america for multiple reasons. However for an ac iii style of game this would obviously be no problem. Civil war im bad at names. Half british half indian.

This character is a half blood. During the us civil war map stretches from georgia in the south to pennsylvania in the north. Now i dont imagine you fighting on a civil war battlefield per se because that isnt very assassins creed like. The confederate states were secretly backed by the templar order.

The assassins creed series has sent us all on incredible and intriguing journeys through time. How about a chapter set during the american civil war. What do you know when you decide to download a torrent. The confederation was formed by the secession of the states of south carolina mississippi florida alabama georgia louisiana texas virginia arkansas north carolina and tennessee.

I know it will get flames but i think it could be a good chance to blur the line further between the good guys and the bad. Ubisoft should therefore have little trouble in choosing a period thats full of action political skirmishes and betrayal for the new assassin hero. The american civil war 1861 1865 was an armed military conflict in the united states of america. American civil war sep 16 2015 738 pm.

The historical period is the same that well live in syndicate precisely between 1861 and 1865 while the places that we would go to explore would be the city but also the battlefields of a country the us much more. The plot of assassins creed 3. Changing dynasties and civil war up until the 17th century. Anyone ever considered an assassins creed set during the american civil war.

Assassins creed is probably one of the few places an american civil war game could work. Anyone ever considered an assassins creed set during the american civil war. Atlantic in the east to appalachians in the west. The final mission would have a very hard infiltration mission where you use your skills as an actor and assassins wink wink to assassinate the grand master templar in a theatre to conclude the game is a sort of blaze of glory.

The main character could be an escaped slave or abolitionist. Assassins creed valhalla.